Warehouse 8 vol. 5

Title Warehouse 8, vol. 5
Year 2009
Catalog number
Released in Warehouse release


01. Pantala Naga Pampa>Rapunzel (9.22.06)
02. Loving Wings (9.1.07)
03. Drive In Drive Out (10.4.96)
04. Satellite (7.25.00)
05. If I Had It All (9.13.06)
06. Break Free (8.15.06)
07. So Much To Say>Anyone Seen The Bridge?> (8.5.04)
08. Too Much (8.5.04)
Notes Another great Warehouse release! As usual senior members received the Warehouse 8 cd. It features a great version of Drive In Drive Out from 96′, and a kick ass version of So Much To Say > Anyone Seen The Bridge > Too Much, from Cincy in 04′. Other highlights include the seldom heard If I Had It All and Break Free. Yet again another fantastic release for the fans!

thanks to firkdaddy for the info and scans

Cover Cardboard sleeve