Under the Table and Dreaming – Columbia House Music Club Edition

Title Under The Table and Dreaming
Year 1994
Catalog number
RCA BG2 66449
Released in US


01. Best of What’s Around
02. What Would You Say
03. Satellite
04. Rhyme & Reason
05. Typical Situation
06. Dancing Nancies
07. Ants Marching
08. Lover Lay Down
09. Jimi Thing
10. Warehouse
11. Pay for What You Get
34. #34
Notes This is a Columbia House Music Club Edition. The difference from the UTTAD you know (and can buy everywhere) is the the catalog number. The original RCA release of UTTAD was also a black disc. The re-issue of the RCA release is now again a plain black disc, but somewhere in between 1994 and 2000, the disc was blue/purple witha cloud theme.
Cover Regular jewel case