Under the Table and Dreaming – BMG Music Club Edition

Title Under The Table and Dreaming
Year 1994
Catalog number
RCA 07863 66449-2
Released in US


01. Best of What’s Around
02. What Would You Say
03. Satellite
04. Rhyme & Reason
05. Typical Situation
06. Dancing Nancies
07. Ants Marching
08. Lover Lay Down
09. Jimi Thing
10. Warehouse
11. Pay for What You Get
12. #34
Notes This is the CD you get, if you are a member of BMG Music Club. There is no barcode on the back, and the actual disc has a strange catalog number: D105998. Futhermore, it says on the disc and the back of the case “Manufactured in USA for BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. Under License”
Cover Regular jewel case