Under the Table and Dreaming

Title Under The Table And Dreaming
Year 1994
Catalog number
RCA 07863 66449-2
Released in US


01. The Best of What’s Around
02. What Would You Say
03. Satellite
04. Rhyme and Reason
05. Typical Situation
06. Dancing Nancies
07. Ants Marching
08. Lover Lay Down
09. Jimi Thing
10. Warehouse
11. Pay For What You Get
34. #34

Notes There has been two kinds of discs for this release: a black disc, and a disc with a cloud theme. The black disc was used for the original release of the album (as well as for a Columbia House Music Club Edition). Now, when you buy this release you get the black disc. At one point, between 1994 and 2000, you would get the disc with the cloud theme. To add to the confusion, the jewel case has also had a black media tray during the early 2000s. Today you get a transparent media tray.
Cover Regular jewel case