The Gorge

Title The Gorge
Year 2004
Catalog number
RCA 82876 61633-2
Released in US


CD 1

01: Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel
02: The Song That Jane Likes
03:Fool To Think
04: You Never Know
05: Granny
06: Gravedigger
07: Everyday > #36
08: Two Step

CD 2

01: Drive In, Drive Out
02: The Space Between
03: Kit Kat Jam
04: Lie In Our Graves
05: Proudest Monkeys
06: Warehouse


01: Grey Street
02: Ants Marching
03: Inside the Gorge (documentary)
04: Pig
05: Dancing Nancies
06: What Would You Say
07: Loving Wings > Where Are You Going
08: Inside the Gorge
09: Seek Up
10: Halloween
11: Tripping Billies
12: Inside the Gorge
13: Grace is Gone

Notes The concerts at the Gorge are an almost anual returning event which the band likes very much. This double CD and DVD set, is a selection of songs from september 6 – september 8, 2002. The DVD also contains three small documentaries about the beautiful venue, and what the place means to the band. A must have for any fan of the band. There is also a box set available; it has 6 CDs and all three concerts in full length.
Cover The discs come in a triple jewel case. There is also a version of this release where the three discs come in a triple DVD case.