Some Devil – In-store play CD

Title Some Devil In-Store Play CD
Year 2003
Catalog number
RCA RSP-55167-2MT
Released in US


01. Dodo
02. So Damn Lucky
03. Some Devil
04 Trouble
05. Save Me
06. Stay or Leave
07. Oh
08. Baby
09. Up and Away
10. Gravedigger (acoustic)
11. So Damn Lucky
12. Save Me
13. Dodo
14. Oh
15. Trouble
16. Stay or Leave
Notes Very hard to come by, and most likely quite expensive too. It was sent to US music stores, to promote the release of the Some Devil album. The tracklist is sequenced especially for in-store play, which is quite neat. Oh and Save Me (singles) are present two times, and there is only the acoustic Gravedigger.
Cover Cardboard sleeve