Recently EP (Bama002)

Title Recently
Year 1994
Catalog number
Bama 002
Released in US


01. Recently (Radio Edit)
02. Ants Marching (Radio Edit)
03. Tripping Bilies (Radio Edit)
04. The Song That Jane Likes (Radio Edit)
Notes Widely known as the Pumpkin Recently; this may well be the rarest of all DMB releases. But add to that, the fact that it is one of the most wanted releases, along with the Before These Crowded Streets Vinyl release. Even many DMB fans who are not collectors are on the hunt for this Bama 002 release. It has a different picture on the front cover compared to the later released Recently EP where the woman and the man have traded places, and there is no pumpkin. This cover shows the man holding a pumpkin; even though there is no “Halloween” track on this CD. The “Halloween” track is on the Bama 003, and the RCA release of this EP, but that cover shows no pumpkin. Funny little fact.
There has been rumours saying that it was only printed in 400 copies.thanks to Eric Pauli for the info, and the scans
Cover Regular jewel case