Live Trax vol. 2 (9.12.2004)

Title Live Trax Vol. 2 (9.12.2004)
Year 2004
Catalog number
Released in Web release


CD 1

01. One Sweet World
02. What Would You Say
03: So Much To Say > Anyone Seen The Bridge?
04. Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel
05. Joy Ride
06. #41
07. The Best of What’s Around
08. Lie In Our Graves

CD 2

01. The Stone
02. Drive In, Drive Out
03. Loving Wings
04. Where Are You Going
05. Hello Again
06. Jimi Thing

CD 3

01. Warehouse
02. Sugar Will
03. All Along the Watchtower
04. Stay (Wasting Time)
05. Everyday
06. Too Much

Notes This is the first Live Trax that was actually called Live Trax. The preceding release was called by its’ place and time of the concert. “Live Trax” is a name that was suggested by Warehouse Fanclub member 3036829, Brad Beardon. The concert has Carlos Santana as guest on three tracks: Warehouse, Sugar Will and All Along the Watchtower.
Cover 3 disc digipak