Live Trax vol. 15 (8.9.2008)

Title Live Trax Vol. 15 (8/9/08 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI)
Year 2009
Catalog number
Released in Webrelease


CD 1

01. Dancing Nancies
02. Seek Up
03. Proudest Monkey
04. Satellite
05. So Damn Lucky
06. Bartender
07. Corn Bread

CD 2

01. Spoon
02. Eh Hee »
03. Water into Wine
04. Burning Down the House
05. Louisiana Bayou
06. Anyone Seen the Bridge? » Too Much intro »
07. Halloween» Water into Wine (reprise)
08. Out of My Hands
09. Crush

CD 3

02. You Might Die Trying
03. Ants Marching
04. Don’t Drink the Water »
05. Two Step


Live Trax Vol. 15 is a show whose setlist speaks entirely for itself. One of the most fan-requested shows for live release, the show features a superb progression of songs. Highlights of the show are numerous, from Dancing Nancies (played rarely as opener), Halloween>Water into Wine and Spoon, a definitive surprise of the evening, making its return after a 5-year hiatus. Stefan’s bass opening of Crush is memorable as is the fluid double encore of Don’t Drink The Water into Two Step. DMB played a couple of covers for the crowd’s pleasure, Pink Floyd’s Money and Talking Heads’ Burning Down the House.
(- taken from the official homepage)

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