Live Trax vol. 11 (8.29.2000)

Title Live Trax Vol. 11 (08/29/2000 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY)
Year 2008
Catalog number
Released in Webrelease


CD 1

01. The Stone
02. Rhyme & Reason
03. Don’t Drink the Water
04. #41
05. Grace Is Gone
06. JTR
07. What Would You Say
08. The Maker
09. All Along The Watchtower

CD 2

01. Crash Into Me
02. Minarets
03. Lie In Our Graves
04. Bartender
05. So Much To Say >
06. Anyone Seen the Bridge >
07. Ants Marching
08. Digging a Ditch
09. Pantala Naga Pampa >
10. Rapunzel

Notes The extremely popular venue for going to a DMB concert, SPAC, gets its first release as Live Trax 11. There are many highlights at this how, including Minarets, Digging a Ditch and The Stone as an opener, but one really worth mentioning, is definitely Anyone Seen the Bridge into Ants Marching, which is a rare thing to witness. Fantastic concert
Cover 2 disc cardboard cover