Live Trax vol. 10 (05.25.2007)

Title Live Trax Vol. 10 (05/25/07 Pavilion Atlantico, Lisbon, Portugal )
Year 2007
Catalog number
Released in Webrelease


CD 1

01. Everyday
02. Dream Girl
03. Crash Into Me
04. Hunger For The Great Light
05. Louisiana Bayou
06. When The World Ends
07. Grey Street
08. The Idea Of You
09. So Much To Say–>
10. Anyone Seen the Bridge–>
11. Too Much
12. Sister (Dave Solo)

CD 2

01. Lie In Our Graves
02. #41
03. American Baby Intro
04. Two Step
05. Ants Marching

CD 3

01. Gravedigger (Dave Solo)
02. Jimi Thing
03. Stay (Wasting Time)
04. Don’t Drink the Water
05. Pantala Naga Pampa–>Rapunzel

Notes This is the very first European Dave Matthews Band concert that has been officially released. Tom Morello guests on #41 and American Baby Intro. The 18,000 fans from Lissabon make this concert very memorable, and Dave mentions the crowd numerous times durin the three hours this concert lasted. Including TWO encores
Cover 3 disc cardboard cover