Dave Matthews & Friends – Bonnaroo Music Festival

Title Dave Matthews & Friends: Bonnaroo Music Festival
Year 2004
Catalog number
Released in Web release


CD 1

01. Dodo
02. Trouble
03. Up and Away
04. Solsbury Hill
05. Stay or Leave
06. Save Me
07: Oh
08: Up on Cripple Creek
09: Some Devil
10: Dancing Nancies
11: Thing
12: Tell Me Something Good

CD 2

01: Gravedigger
02: Grey Blue Eyes
03: So Damn Lucky
04: Too High
05: Fire
06: Hey Bulldog
07: Waste
08: Everyday
09: Bathtub Gin
10: Drum & Bass Jam > Thank You

Notes This concert was released on the internet, and is still only available as a mp3 or lossless download. The cover design is available for download in high resolution. Besides Dave Matthews, the concert features musicians like Trey Anastasio (former Phish front man), Tim Reynolds and Ray Paczkowski (Vorcza)