Under the Table and Dreaming – vinyl (mispress/repress)


Title Dave Matthews Band – Under the Table and Dreaming
Year 21 Nov 2014/22 Feb 2015
Catalog number
Bama Rags Records/RCA/Legacy – 888750096319
Released in US


A1 – The Best of What’s Around (4:17)
A2 – What Would You Say (3:42)
A3 – Satellite (4:51)
B1 – Rhyme and Reason (5:15)
B2 – Typical Situation (5:59)
B3 – Dancing Nancies (6:05)
C1 – Ants Marching (4:31)
C2 – Lover Lay Down (5:37)
C3 – Jimi Thing (5:57)
D1 – Warehouse (7:06)
D2 – Pay For What You Get (4:32)
D3 – #34 (4:59)
Notes When Under the Table and Dreaming was first sent out to those who pre-ordered the record, they received a misspress: Jimi Thing was lacking LeRoi’s saxophone outro. When management found out, they had a new pressing made and sent that to those who had already received the misspress.

If you have the side C mispress, you can find this in the wax: 88875009631/-c

If you have the side C repress, this is what it says in the wax:

Either way, this is just a wonderful release – the artwork for this iconic record looks amazing.

As with all the other vinyl releases, you get a download code for the entire album digitally.

Cover Gatefold 2 LP set