Dave Matthews Band – Summer Tour Sampler, 8 track

Title Summer Tour Sampler, 8 track
Year 2007
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01. Sweet Up and Down (8.11.07)
02. Tripping Billies (8.22.07)
03. Grace is Gone > Black Water (9.25.07)
04. American Baby Intro (8.26.07)
05. Shotgun (8.26.07)
06. Out Of My Hands (8.2.07)
07. Stand Up (9.19.07)
08. Some Devil (8.14.07)
Notes This CD was initially only available if you preordered the Live at Piedmont Park, CD/DVD combo through the band’s homepage. Sweet Up and Down plus Shotgun were huge demands from the fans; and the management listened. Other highlights are the first full band version of Some Devil, and a great Grace is Gone > Black Water with Butch on vocals. This is going to be a very popular collector’s item in the future. As of now, you can still buy it for 10 dollars from the band’s homepage.
RF H (RF will change, as soon as the disc is not available in the online store)
Cover Cardboard slipcase