Dave Matthews Band – 11 Song Radio Sampler (US)

Title Dave Matthews Band (1994, 11 track sampler)
Year 1994
Catalog number
RCA RJC-66561-2
Released in US


01. The Best of What’s Around (UTTAD Version) 4:17
02. Tripping Billies (R2T Version) 4:48
03. Jimi Thing (UTTAD Version) 5:55
04. Song That Jane Likes (Acoustic Version) 2:54 *
05. What Would You Say (UTTAD Version) 5:31
06. Typical Situation (Acoustic Version) 3:16 *
07. Satellite (R2T Version) 4:48
08. Rhyme And Reason (UTTAD Version) 5:14
09. Dancing Nancies (Acoustic Version) 4:13 *
10. Recently (R2T Version) 8:40
11. Ants Marching (Dave and Tim Live Version) 4:19 *
Notes This has got to be the most exciting DMB Promo yet. The tracklist is great, and the four songs * STJL, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies and Ants Marching have never been released before. The rare promo was sent to Radio stations after the release of Under The Table and Dreaming came out. It is very rare, and wont pop up often.
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