Busted Stuff – Advance music

Title Busted Stuff Advance Music
Year 2002
Catalog number
Released in US


01. Busted Stuff
02. Grey Street
03. Where Are You Going
04. You Never Know
05. Captain
06. Raven
07. Grace Is Gone
08. Kit Kat Jam
09. Digging a Ditch
10. Big Eyed Fish
11. Bartender
Notes This advance has only been on eBay one or two times the last 4-5 years. The songs on the disc are the ones from Busted Stuff, and was sent to music-stores around US and Canada to promote the album. There is no artwork for this release. The inner circle of this disc says: SONOPRESS USA RADV681172 BC013-01

thanks to aleqz for the info and the scans

Cover Plastic sleeve