Ants Marching – Australian single

Title Ants Marching
Year 1995
Catalog number
RCA 74321 28727-2
Released in Australia


01. Ants Marching (UTTAD Version) 4:31
02. Ants Marching (Live 1.30.95) 4:45
03. Ants Marching (Live Acoustic 8.25.94) 4:19
04. All Along The Watchtower (Recently Version) 7:04
Notes This is one of the easiest to find. This single was released in Australia, and can still be found almost everywhere you look for old singles and EPs. It is worth the money though. Especially the live version of Ants Marching is immense. There is identical to an Ants Marching single that was released in Europe.

thanks to Eric Pauli for the scans

Cover Slim jewel case